Acausal Physics- An Expansion

The acausal intersects the causal at specific points in 3 dimensions. These points, or nexions, are the site of a flow of acausal energy. What we view as a living organism is simply the organisation, according to certain principles, of causal matter derived from the acausal.

The intercausal is a mechanism, deriving from the nature of the acausal by which acausal energy may structure and manifest causal components with which to interact, affect and thus evolve within the causal.

Intercausality is a process the acausal enacts when it finds itself within the causal as part of a natural graduation we see in all evolving systems.

My interpretation of the intercausal is that of a non-localised field/s (like magnetism) that, at certain levels of density, is somehow susceptible to the phenomenon of thought (qv. Intercausality [Fleming 2013]

That intercausal systems are modified by the acausal suggests that considerably advanced living systems may affect such a mechanism by virtue of their acausal charge. This process is commonly known as manifestation, exteriorisation, and can be seen in instances of the ‘tulpa effect’, as well as perhaps instances of OBEs.

32 we









The reason that such field/s do not yield quantifiable phenomena in response to the process of all living systems (this being the refutation of this theory by all skeptical enquirers) is a basic one of equanimious balance. If these field/s responded to every organism in a direct and explicit manner, the cosmos would be unstable, and we would not be here in the first place. As such, certain physical parameters will have evolved throughout this field (qv. Sheldrakes’ theory of mutable physical laws, and the Anthropic Principle). This field will have set mechanics which involves threshold dependency, threshold dependency being that certain explications from acausal -> causal depend primarily on a concerted effort of acausal saturation and scale, and/or other factors at present not fully understood. 


Nexion Mechanics

v is equal to a nexion, and φ equal to the acausal (t and s being time and space respectfully). As such, not every thought or ‘wish’ explicates itself in the causal, but rather a collective thought or ‘wish’ over a certain duration of causal time would (this may be the basis for Aeons). This would also explain the basis for nexion creation mechanics (regarding numerous rites in a specific area to open a ‘gate’; a mechanic I shall call acausal gravity.)





Acausal gravity is the product of collective threshold density; that is, a collective field of consciousness operating, over a period of causal time, to effect change in accordance with will. The acausal thus presences itself in the causal according to causal mechanics and parameters: space and time. Thus, a nexion can only come about through effort engaged over a duration of time in a specific space. This may be the basis for the belief that certain areas (often where calamitous events have transpired) can become ‘haunted’, with all cultures having places which they considered holy or sacred.

This leads to a rent or vortex into which the acausal can presence itself through- a nexion. Here is an expansion of the nexion mechanics equation by Zach Cotter, fellow member of the Society for Acausal Research:










However, there are what appears to be naturally formed nexions found. Nature undoubtedly works unto a degree far more subtle than we have yet to discover, let alone understand. Similarly, it has been proposed that the advancing effects of civilisation acts as a nexion; it channels energy through the public body (this organism being more than the sum of its parts, effectively). More detailed explanations of the effect of acausal energy upon civilisations can be found in David Myatt’s Emanations of Urania.


A Proposed Acausal Cosmological Model-Numen and Anumen

The physics of acausal energy are still fluid, still in formation. So, for brevity, and to distinguish my own personal theories and framework, I shall use the following terminology: life force and numen. Numen is the acausal energy we can utilise and which produces Change. Lifeforce is what inhabits humans. I refer to acausal energy as numen. I refer to life-force acausal energy as anumen (a contraction from ‘anthropo-numen’- human numen). If we theorise that stars are somehow nexions of anumen, which life harnesses, we begin to get a clearer picture. Solar energy seems vital to the sustaining of the life force. Wikipedia describes Prana as: “the Sanskrit word for “life force”; in yoga, Indian medicine, and martial arts, the term refers to a cosmic energy believed to come from the sun and connecting the elements of the universe. The universal principle of energy or force, responsible for the body’s life, heat and maintenance, prana is the sum total of all energy that is manifest in the universe. ”

Many Hindu texts cite the Sun as a principle provider of pranic energy.

Perhaps the solar nexions channel life force , and this explains why the Egyptians venerated the sun, depicted with rays, and why the Vedics depicted yogis living off sunlight. Perhaps photons can carry acausal charge in a way living beings can transmute and absorb, or perhaps a hitherto undetectable energy streams from the Sun along with photons.

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